Time saving & extremely powerful designing tool

Pagelayer comes with all the designer tools you might need. Design responsive pixel-perfect layouts like you never thought possible on WordPress


Stunning Design Experience

Design stunning and beautiful UI by using Pagelayer. Make pages responsive for devices like Mobiles and tablets by using responsive modes. PageLayer is a complete solution to make a perfect web appearance.


Simply click on this option and it will create exact copy of existing element by saving your time.


Make your page more attractive with animation effects that trigger when the element is in the display area.

Styling Options

With large number of styling options you can design your page the way you want such as - background overlay, border widths, padding and margins, etc.

Complete control over customizing every section

Apply some handy image filters

With Image filters you can add some finishing touch to your uploaded images. Make it more attractive and suitable according to your design needs.


Plenty of icons to search from

Get solid icons and social icons on your website with Pagelayer's available icon sets. These beautiful icons work out-of-the-box by inheriting your project's base color, or customize them however you would like.

Fonts & Text Styling

Select fonts from Google font list, give font-size, font-weight and all other text css properties from our typography section.


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