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Pagelayer 1.1.0 Launched

The Pagelayer team has released version 1.1.0.
This version has many UI and UX improvements for the Pagelayer Editor.
The following is a list of changes :

  • [Task] The "Element ID" option has been added for the items in the accordion and collapse widget, Now you can use the accordion and collapse widget as a reference link.
  • [Task] Made Pagelayer compatible with the "Smush" plugin.
  • [Task] Added box-shadow option in the button widget.
  • [Bug-Fix] In the accordion widget "Default active tab" option of the accordion item was not working. This is fixed.
  • [Bug-Fix] The color preview in the "box-shadow" properties was not working the first time. This is fixed.
  • [Bug-Fix] If the column already contains an inner-row, the columns are prevented from dragging in the inner-row.

We will be launching many more changes in the upcoming version.
We would also like to thank the WordPress community as we have reached 190000+ active Pagelayer users.

We have launched Pagelayer Pro with features like 66+ widgets, 400+ sections, Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, Theme Creator and Exporter, Form Builder, Popup Builder, etc.

The Pagelayer Team

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