Make header sticky


In this document, you will learn how to make your header sticky. Means your header will stick to top or bottom part of the screen when page scroll. You can make any element sticky but in this documentation we will cover specially the header.


The following is a video to show you how to make your header sticky:-


To make the header sticky. You have to follow the below points:-

  • First edit the main header row by clicking on the pencil icon (Where to find main header then CLICK HERE).
  • When the row settings open then click on the Options tab which is situated next to the "Settings" tab on the top.
  • After clicking on the "Options" tab you will find "Animations" dropdown. Just click on it.
  • Inside this you will see three options in which one of them is "Scrolling Sticky".
  • You have to just click on the top or bottom option and your header will stick to that part of the screen.


  • Sticky On : This option helps your to set the element sticky or not in various screen sizes.
  • Offset : Space between screen and the element.
  • Sticky in Column : Make the column sticky also.
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