Button Group


The Button Group Widget allows you to make group of buttons and customize the buttons individually without any other plugins or shortcodes.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the button group widget and the various options available :

Button Group Widget

The following is a Button Group Widget :

Button Group

  • Drag & Drop : Using this button you can easily rearrange your group by just drag and drop.
  • Edit : This button show or hide all the settings of individual element in the group, to see more setting then CLICK HERE.
  • Clone / Copy : This button creates copy of that element on which it is pressed.
  • Delete : Delete an element.
  • Add : Add new element.

Other Settings

  • Alignment : Select the alignment for the buttons group.
  • Layout : Select the alignment for the buttons group to display the buttons in Vertical or in Horizontal manner.
  • Space between : Set the space between the buttons.
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