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Site Title


The Site Title widget allows you to add your title (business name, web page name, etc.) on your web page. You can also add your customized logo to your site title.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the site title widget and the various options available :



Site Title

  • Typography : Choose the Font-name, size, boldness, text-decoration, letter-spacing.
  • State : Choose the state in which effects have to be displayed viz. Normal or Hover.
  • Text Color : Choose the color for the site title text.
  • Alignment : Set the alignment for site title to display, viz. left, center or right.
  • Padding : Set the padding to the site title.

Site Description

Enable the toggle to display Site Description.

  • Typography : Select typography for site description it will apply to description.
  • Select Logo : Choose the Font-name, size, boldness, text-decoration, letter-spacing.
  • Text Color : Set the text color.
  • Text Color : Set the hover text color.
  • Delay : Set the Hover Delay.
  • Alingnment : Give the alignment to the description.
  • Padding : Give the padding to the Description.

Logo Style

Enable the toggle to display logo in the site title or vice versa.

  • Logo Image : Choose the Image logo type viz. Default Logo or Custom Logo.
  • Select Logo : Choose the Font-name, size, boldness, text-decoration, letter-spacing.
  • Default Logo : Sets the default logo to site title.
  • Custom Logo : Set the logo image as per user-defined.
  • Logo Size : Choose the size of the logo viz. Full, Thumbnail, Custom.
  • Full : Set the image size as full to its width and height.
  • Thumbnail : Set the image size to medium.
  • Custom : Set the image size as per user-defined.
  • Alignment : Set the alignment for site title logo to display, viz. Left, Center or Right.
  • Vertical Alignment : Set the alignment for site title to display vertically, viz. Top, Middle or Bottom.
NOTE - In advance option tab . Do more styling to the Site Title Widget. To know more about advance option tab. CLICK HERE

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