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Video Slider


The Video Slider Widget allows you to make slider of videos same as a image slider. It includes all the properties of video widget as well as of slider.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the video slider widget and the various options available : (3)

Video Slider Widget

The following is a video slider Widget :

Videos Group

  • Drag & Drop : Using this button you can easily rearrange your group by just drag and drop.
  • Edit : This button show or hide all the settings of individual element in the group. All the setting of a button is in this Link.
  • Clone / Copy : This button creates copy of that element on which it is pressed.
  • Delete : Delete an element.
  • Add : Add new element.

Slider Options

  • Number of Items : Set the values of how many videos are to be shown in single slide.
    1. Setting value less than two, show options below.
    2. Space Between : Set the distance between videos.
    3. Setting value more than one, show options below.
    4. Animation In : Choose option to change incoming video animation.
    5. Animation Out : Choose option to change outgoing video animation.
  • Loop : Toggle this option to Loop the video.
  • Controls : Select options to change slider controllers.
  • Autoplay : Toggle this option to automatically starts slides to move on page load.
    1. Toggling on show options below.
    2. Autoplay Timeout : Set the value of rest time of a video slide.
    3. Autoplay Hover Pause : Toggle this option to pause the slides movement when cursor hover over slide.

Arrow Style

  • Background Color : Set the background color of Arrows box.
  • Color : Set the color of Arrows.
  • Arrow Size : Set the size of Arrows.
  • Background Size : Set the background size of Arrows box.
  • Background Shape : Set the background Shape of Arrows box, value changes the boxes from square to circle.

Pager Options

  • Color : Set the color of pager(dots).
  • Dot Size : Set the size of pager.
  • Active Pager Color : Set the color of active pager.
  • Active Dot Size : Set the size of pager when active.
  • Top Spacing : Set the space between pager and videos.
NOTE - In advance option tab . Do more styling to the Video Slider Widget. To know more about advance option tab. CLICK HERE

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