The Quote Widget allows you to embed fully styled quotes.

Customize your quote with the help of Quote Widget. You can select different background color, color of text, different typography, different quote style with the help of following options given below in Quote Widget.


  • Content : Type your quote content
  • Background-Color : Set the background-color for your quote section
  • Color : Set the color to your quote text
  • Space Between : Add space to top and bottom of Quote section
  • Typography : Set the typography options like font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight, letter-spacing, word-spacing etc

Quote Style

  • Style : Set quote style like Quotation, Double Quotation or Default .
  • Quotation Position : Set the quote position
  • Size : Set the size of your quote symbol
  • Color : Set the quote color
  • Alignment : Set the alignment to left, right, or center for your quote


  • Cite : Enter the Author name
  • URL : Set the link to Author name
  • Color : Choose the color to set the color of author name
  • Typography : Select the font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight, letter-spacing, word-spacing etc

Left Border

  • Width : Set the border width size
  • Color : Set the border color
  • Left Spacing : Set the space between the left border and the quote content
  • Top Bottom Spacing : Set the top and bottom padding around the content . To know more Click Here

NOTEIn advance option tab . Do more styling to the Quote Widget.To know more about advance option tab. CLICK HERE

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