The Tabs Widget allows you to separate your information into tabs, either horizontally or vertically, it allows you use icons next to the title.


  • Tabs List : Click Add new Tab Item to add the multiples tab. After the tab is added click on tab to add the details of tab.
  • Default Active Tab : The tab which you want to show active, click on that tab and enable the default active tab button by just clicking on that slide button
  • Icon : Choose the icon which will set next to the title of the tab
  • Edit Rich Text : Enter the description of tab
  • Vertical Tabs : Click slide button to show the tabs vertically
  • Auto Rotate : Select the time available in seconds to Rotate the active on tabs

Tabs Holder

  • Background Color : Set the tab holder background color
  • Border Type : Set the border type
  • Border Color : Set the border color
  • Border Width : Set the border width
  • Border Radius : Set the border radius


  • Alignment : Align the tabs to left, right and center
  • Color : Set the color of tab title text
  • Background Color : Set the background color of tab
  • Active Tab Color : Set the active tab background color
  • Typography : Set the typography of tab title
  • Icon Position : Set the icon to appear left or right to the tab title
  • Icon Spacing : Set the space between icon and the tab title


  • Typography : Set the typography of tab content
  • Color : Set the content text color
  • Background color : Set the content background color
  • Inner Space : Set the space around the content
  • Border Width : Set the border width of content area
  • Border Radius : Set the border radius of content area
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